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Welcome to the download page for the complete APC application. Many of you were sent to this site by Rosalinda Fortuna, who is leading opposition to establishing the Wellness Center to serve the most vulnerable in our community. Rosalinda is worried because this facility is providing housing for homeless seniors and respite care for medically fragile homeless adults from Alameda and other areas in the county.

To paraphrase a statement that was made online in reference to this project a few days ago:  “Alameda will be the location to help medically fragile homeless from all over Alameda County because…Alameda is where our Federal Government donated land and buildings to create this Facility. The Alameda Wellness Center will be in Alameda because our city council did the research and decided to allow our county to help seniors in our area have a place to go when they are sick. This facility will be where it is proposed because it would cost our city over $11 million to remove the existing buildings and build a park. Alameda county will pay for the facility not the city of Alameda. The Alameda Wellness Center’s location makes sense because it would cost our city more to do nothing and leave these buildings continue to sit there rather then provide a medical facility for our aging disabled population. That is why it will be in Alameda. Man made city lines don’t mean a human being is less deserving of medical attention. We need to help as many people as we can.”

What does it mean to operate a regional facility? It means that 50 new jobs will be created in Alameda, at no cost to the City. It means that millions of dollars in construction and operating costs will be spent with local vendors. It will mean that Alameda’s most vulnerable homeless, along with others from throughout the county will receive the care and dignity they deserve.


The report you are downloading was an iterative process with many segments and components, and even after receiving approval from HHS to receive transfer of the property, the project continues to evolve and improve, so you are welcome to read the report, but please view it in its entirety and not try to find fault in any given page or sentence.

Full Application

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And please vote Yes on Measure A and No on Measure B for a compassionate Alameda