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It’s Time to Withdraw the Initiative that Would Keep Medically Fragile Homeless Seniors On our Streets and Away from Lifesaving Medical Care

At the January 2nd City Council meeting, the Council will be obligated to schedule an election that will determine the fate of a new planned Wellness Center in Alameda. The cost of the election alone could be anywhere from $500,000-700,000.  If passed, the ballot measure would rezone the property designated for the Wellness Center such that existing unused and surplus federal buildings at McKay Ave. could no longer be repurposed for providing critically needed health and housing services to medically frail homeless.

The Alameda Point Collaborative, a local nonprofit has already successfully applied to the federal government for use of the property to establish the Alameda Wellness Center, a safe protected campus to provide housing for fragile homeless elders, medical support for homeless residents being discharged from the hospital or undergoing chemotherapy or dialysis and needing after care, and resources and housing referrals for Alameda families at-risk of or becoming homeless. Many are veterans still recovering from the trauma of war.  The property will be rehabilitated at no cost to the city or its residents and will in fact result in substantial savings to Alameda’s emergency services and hospitals.

Alameda prides itself on being a place where “everyone belongs here”. The APC wellness center has broad support from local residents, including those living near the project, businesses, clergy from congregations throughout Alameda, organizations supporting at-risk families and veterans, and City leaders. We all see this project as critically needed to help address our homelessness and housing crises. Providing much needed services to the frailest among us at no cost to taxpayers is the moral thing to do, and preventing the spread of infectious and preventable diseases is the practical thing to do. We all deserve to live our golden years in dignity.

The initiative, if passed, would stop the wellness center, keeping medically fragile homeless seniors on our streets and away from supportive housing and care. It is bankrolled by a small group of homeowners near the property. Furthermore, the initiative will not result in any additional parkland or other tangible use being created but would instead burden the city and its taxpayers (us) with either blighted buildings or tens of millions of dollars in costs to demolish existing buildings that could otherwise be put to worthwhile use. The city would have to cut existing services, and potentially stop work on other parks under development such as Jean Sweeney Park.  The initiative to stop the Wellness Center is inhumane and pointlessly expensive, and we ask its authors to be good neighbors and compassionate Alamedans and pull it out of consideration on or before January 2nd.

Together, the undersigned of this letter represent thousands of families, students, parishioners and neighbors standing together to say that we strongly oppose the initiative to stop the APC wellness center by rezoning the site as open space. We are prepared to win at the ballot box, but we would rather appeal to the compassion and humanity of the sponsors and funders of this initiative: do the right and moral thing and withdraw the initiative.

Check here if you are a neighbor of the project

Doug Biggs, Alameda Point Collaborative
Carrie Tillman
Jordana Hemberg
Kristen Welch
Megan Breiseth, Alameda for Black Lives
Bronwyn Harris
Nick Portolese
Lyndsey Schlax
Philip James
Gary Wong
Mark Hersman, Portman Enterprises LLS
Gaylon Parsons
Teresa Kosinski
Eldyne Perrou
Barbara Ann Caulfield
Jamie Skepper
Randy Rentschler
Herb Behrstock
Eli Hudson
James Edison
Laura Gamble
Sia Sellu
Patrick Corder
Maria Thorne
Cheryl Taylor
Daniella Norris
Jason Buckley
Duke Austin, PhD California State University, East Bay
Lauren Grupp
Julle Ann Boyer
Caitlin Grey
Diane Cunningham Rizzo
Heidi Guibord
Angela Hockabout
John Giles
Kari Thompson, Alameda Homeless Network
Damon Francis, MD
Michele McGarraugh, McGarraugh Company
Laurie Nemzer
Amanda Williams
Jenne Hensley
Ronit Matabuena-Lev
Patricia Gideon
Tracy Lynn McCuiston
Jason Biggs
Virginia Cantrell
Kristin Goin
Dr. Cindy Acker, The Child Unique Montessori School/Montessori Elementary School of Alameda
June Johnson
Lilli Keinaenen
Lea Policoff
Jan Greene
Heather Little, PLAN! Alameda
Morgan Bellinger
Sue Gavrich
Anne McKereghan
Caitlin Keen, Alameda Violin
Jasmine Tokuda
Heather Duke
Marilu Ontiveros
Aimee Barnes
Danny Burr, Neptune Nature School
David Costa
James Sidari
Amelia Rose
Jennifer Costa
Ronna Blumenthal
Debbie Rogers
Charles Sarni
Francine Byrne
Sharon Khadder
Kenneth Jones
Kathy Booker
Sheridan Sherwood
Brian McGuire
Natalie Baldwin
Denise Orr
Lisa Foster
Mary Ruth Hammond
Barbara Bick, Neptune Nature School
Zoey Anderson, Alameda Doula
Todd Hines
Rob Barics
Kathleen Bashaw
Sean Boyle
Jessica Berthold
Donna Vaughn
Ryan Lamberton
Bill Garvine
Emma Hamer
Shana Hurowitz
Rev. Laura Rose
Charlyn Spitzer, Humanity in Giving
Henry B. Villareal
Scott Hoffman
Erin Engstrom
Colin Boylan
Kate Quick
Lynn Houlihan
Kate Quick
Rev. Bob Matthews
Grover Wehman-Brown
Sara Glascock
Rev. Beth Foote
Leigh Vintson
Caroline S Yazd
Kristen Hanlon
Kevis Brownson
Bettie Lee Laird
Robert Hayes
Lorena Perez
Barbara Woods
Sarah Vetters
Sarah A. Taylor
Ethan Levitt
Chris Hockabout
Ingrid Dayton
Amy Brandt
Ayse Sercan
Gerald L. Reese
Eric Lee
Wesley Callow
Janet Dietz
Keyanna Davis-Trahan
Dorie Guess Behrstock
Kara Janssen
Jennifer Weiss
Zoe Penston
Lauren Do
Jennifer Hastings
Mark Little
Michelle Johnson
Meresa Connors-Walters
Jacqueline Kelley
Carleen Bell
Jennifer Bosco
Anne Rogers
Cybelle Kelley-Whitley
Jenny Abrami
Marc Fourier
Tara Marino
Caitlin Thomas
June Johnson
Kanitha Crisolo
Melanie Adams
Rev. Mark Hofman
Carol Fairweather
Shelby Booker
Alan Pryor
Emily Arnold-Fernandez
Amber Fretwall
Janet Terra
John L. Lipp
Jefferey Roper
Betsey McNab
Frank Tiesma
Andy Murdock
Marianne McNair
Teri Kennedy
Betsy Mathieson
Keith McCoy
Sharon Hernandez
Wendy O’Malley
Patricia Cassaro
Phyllis Sakahara
Fred Kohler
Casey A. Owens
Denise Nelson, I represent my homeless father
Bina Brock, Kai Concepts
Gwen Harlow
Ellie Winters
Austin Tam
Suzanne Vinson
Vicki Sedlack
Kirsten Fairbanks
Robin Pressman
Toni San Luis
Kirkland Melton III
Lenda Medrano
Michele Alfaro
Cara Cavanaugh
Jessica Frank
Ronald Aleman
Cara Cavanaugh
S. Russell
Jeanne Chargois
Tracie REames
Marilou Jensen
Jackie JAckson Dailey
Robin Wilson
Heather Kramer
Morgan Todd
Amanda Flores-Witte
Jakkie Spicer
Kristen Kitts
Jennifer Strongin
Lydia Greer, Lumina Art Studio
Michael Radding
Richard Thomas
Alexis Krieg
Dana Thomas
Meghan Sharron
Lucy Gigli
Jennifer K. Smith
Amos White, ACLU People Power
Shahru Keiser
James Stein
Kimberley Buckingham
Clint Thorne
Teresa Casco
Kristoffer Perez
Kathryn Saenz Duke
Jerry Franklin
Marion Ybarra
Eric Strimling
Emily Lin, Twin Towers United Methodist Church
Doyle Saylor, Renewed Hope Housing Advocates
Anna Martin
Laura Thomas, Renewed Hope Housing Advocates
Jody Moore, Alameda Autism Community Network
Yolanda McCormack
Marna Mitchell
Maura Passani
Sister Patricia Nagle
Cindy Ng
Stephen Zimmerman
Angie Watson-Hajjem
Jessica Leggett
Ronald Pineda Alameda All Faiths Coalition
Imam Ariff, Islamic Center of Alameda
John Ehlers
Eric Mills, Coordinator Action for Animals
Kimberly Anakata
Gene Y. Oh, Alameda Bicycle
Nicole Will
Catherine Relucio
Denise Trepanier
Jennifer Watt
Joan Stebbins
Nancy Balassi
Otto Wright, The Local
Rosalind Miller
Christin Batiz
Heather Chiu, Transpire Foundation
Kitrena Swanson
Catherine Pauling, ARC Senior and Disabilities Committee
Deborah Lafferty, Alameda All Faiths Coalition
Liz Cox
Natalie Brown
Erinn Larsen
Michael Yoshii, Buena Vista United Methodist Church
Barbara Mooney
Teresa Martyny
Andy Currid
Deborah James
Katherine Valois
Lovonne Perry
Gaye Fletcher
Corinne Piner-Bader
Erin Wright
Sally Simpson
Al Wright
Justin Horak
Chris Martin
Lauren Daley
Rachel Lee
Bruce Baird
Audrey Hyman, Social Service Human Relations Board
Susan Freeman
Kate Meissert
Claire Valderama-Wallace, PhD, MPH, RN
Katherine Russo
Jamie Legaspi
Alison McCormack
Johnny Wong
Sharon Perkins
Charles J. Essen
Laura West
Doug Skinner, International Management
Carole Robie
Marie Perez-Ruiz
Donalda Murphy
Christina Spiegel
Sarah Foley
Jennifer Crumpley
Kate Pryor
Lisa Zenner
Derrick Roorda
Vickie Bockenkamp
Lavonne Perry
Gayle Thomas
Lindsey Friman
Sue Lim
Rev. Stephen McHale, Christ Episcopal Church
Suzanne Mills Crawford
Elizabeth Jensen
Elisabeth Eliassen
Kerri Lonergan
Claudia Jayne, RPCV
Melissa Record
David Moderbach
Donald Eisenberg
Diana Baldocchi
Emily Claasen
Jeffrey Seal, Alameda County Health Care For the Homeless
Debra Gilliss
William Pettus
Lois Bailey Lindsey
Joy Moore
Richard Moore
Amanda Moore
David Phapy
Barbara Kenney
Cheri Johansen, Alameda Progressives
Sarah E. Murray, Property Owner and Landlord, Alameda; President, Trialcraft
Laura Guzma
Michelle Schneidermann, Alameda Alliance for Health
Steve Haines, RPCV
Lance Kincaid
Johara Chapman
Molly McGee, Journey To My Best Self
Roger D. Smart
Elaine De Coligny, Everyone Home
Susan Lindtner, PhD
Amy Rodriguez Lee
Jane Hanson
Susan Galleymore
William Smith
Andrea Bramblia
Shannon Sullivan
Grady Jung
Beth Frankland
Susan Haumeder
Sara Julian
Alisa Rasera
Owen Smith
Paul English
Steven Joseph, MD
Sarah Olaes
Lynn WilderSisson
Anita Burnaford
Geoffrey Burnaford
Ron Bang, Vietnam Veteran
Bianca V. Bang, LCSW
Jessica Shimmin
James Reichert
Rachel Hanson
Ruby Butler
Kathleen Peltier
Kristy Koch
Mary Kay Wentz
Ray Wentz
Alana Guy Dill
Sharon Johnson
Marilyn Wong
Patricia Grey
Shatae Jones
Mary Manning
Paula Rainey
Kamila Tumakey
Anna Rossi
James Castelaz
Michael Rettie
Kathleen Rettie
Helaine N Wesley
Jill Wesley
Mary (Kathy)
Eve Holguin
Paul Canavese, The Pastoral Center
Ann Naffziger
Alice Lai-Bitker
Mary Cecilia Tigh
Cynthia Alvarez
Jim Franz
Dona Pedroza
Fiona Babakhanians
Jane Burgelin
Adrian Blakey
Jerome and Michele Harrison
Elizabeth Carrie Sheret
Jan Nichols Franz
Rochelle A Reed
Brian Lodge
Kathleen McCabe
Jenifer Levywendt
Patricia Lyons, Lifelong Medical Care
Steve Garner, Trinity Lutheran Church
Rick Leavy
Dan Correia
Lawrence A. Reh
Pauline K. Castrillo
Joshua Bycle
James Bergstrom
Mary Neal
Holly Johnson
Rupa Shrestha
Cathy Dana
Joan Uhler
Rev. Jeffrey Cheifetz
Rev. Dana Cheifetz
Susan Galleymore
Roberta Borglum
Elizabeth McGaffey
Maria José Munoz
Jack Mingo
Guy Cutting
Julie Dulay
Amy Price
Martha Simonds
Dan Wood
Gabrielle Dolphin
Diana Cabcabin
John Zugnoni
Amy Wheat Rumberger and Timothy Rumberger
Sheldon Norberg
David Teeters
Tracy Jensen
Keasha Martindill
Earl Jon Rivard, Jr.
Jakki Spicer
Rosemary Jordan
Suzanne Allison
Andrew Thornton
Clark Cole
Kelly Gregor Hartlaub
Leah Pero
Eric Page
Georgia Gates Derr, League of Women Voters
Meghan Thornton
Audrey Chiang
J. Jafrty
Christina Spiegel
John Piziali
Mark Sorensen
Dina Hondrogen
Geoff Geiger
Claudia Jayne
Denise Zachariah
Judith Fruge
Randy Gaines
Cheryll Linthicum
Sally Faulhaber
Stacy Proctor
Karen Butter
Blaise Cullen
Lorena Kai
Mark Menzi
Gayle Saldinger
Jennifer Nguyen
Willie Nguyen
Lindsey Hernandez
Connie Branson
Joanne Robinson
Rev. Dot Lundgren, Immanuel Lutheran Church
Christina Chung
Rini Chakraborty
Ruth Dow
Dianne Wood
Lizzie Velten
Bonnie Halpern
Jennifer Bullock
Julia Kripke
Matt Kellogg
Jessica Lu
Elizabeth Greene
Damian Mason, Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda
Judith Fruge
Charles Nyers
Jamie Andrade
Tiffani Battle, The Child Unique Montessori School
Ashley Lorden
Jeremy Schmitz
Jeannie Hesse AGL Foundation
Jayne Gagliano
Rachel Neff, The Child Unique Montessori School
Anne Marie Fourre
Brenda Davis
Brenda Gardner
Kathleen Koster
Sky Frostenson
Nicole Baptista
Erica Peck
Sara LaBatt
Shaila Lobo
Teresa Whinery
Ligaya Fieler
Jeff Locke
Aileen Haxo
Yvonne Stender
Drew Sarratore
Lindsey Jenkins-Stark
Cecilia Barnard
Tami Flores